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Accounting Manager

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Accounting Manager


We are a small company of 15 people (sales, customer service, and production of embroidery, printing, as well as a 14,000 sq. ft. off-site warehouse). This is a very hands-on position with multiple duties and responsibilities which include day to day accounting duties, managing budgets, forecasting, and assisting staff with computer-related questions. This position will be very involved in the operations of the company to manage profits. You will be required to learn our own accounting software and understand the computer systems we have in place which will help you comprehend our full scope of capabilities to help our clients. Having a strong computer understanding is as important as a strong excel background.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities
• Manage company budgets, forecasts, and financials
• Prepare monthly and year-end closings and preparation of financial statements
• Perform day to day accounting duties
• Implement and maintain internal financial controls and procedures
• Prepare account analyses and journal entries as needed
• Assist staff with computer and technology questions
• Completing additional projects or assignments that are given
• Handle all IT and computer related issues (basic IT work, more robust work done by our outsourced company).

Education and Experience
• Must be seasoned in accounting with a Bachelor’s Degree and 2-3 years of work experience
• Extraordinary experience with spreadsheets and knowledge of all Microsoft products (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Experience with policies and procedures
• Comfortable with meeting and working with staff to help create an improved workplace and developed processes
Whatever it takes attitude

Job Type: Full-time


Salary: Salary based on your accounting and excel experience, as well as your computer knowledge. Salary range is $45,000-55,000.00 Please see our benefits package for full time employees on our web site under careers. We do pay 100% medical coverage, including eye, dental and prescription.

Please reply by submitting your resume and cover letter, explaining why you should be considered for this position, to: Rick Mann, International Minute Press & Lasting Image Recognition. Branding. Solutions. rick@lasting-image.com.



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"I have been with Lasting Image since 2002. Rick and Linda have pushed personal development since the day that I have walked in the door. We attend several educational events every year that have helped us and me stay ahead of the curve. I am a primary outside contact for our clients as Lasting Image. Many of my clients say that they enjoy working with me how easy I make it for them. I like to point out that I may be the person they meet with daily but there is a team that makes it easy for me and I’m passing that along to them."
Adrian Seaman, CAS
Senior Marketing Specialist

Message from the President

Rick MannWe are an aggressive firm that strives for success! We look for those individuals who drive themselves into greatness and look for ways to help us differentiate ourselves from others. We have high standards because our clients deserve that level of service and we feel we should over excel in every instance no matter how small the task is. Our client portfolio of world-class brands will always be our top priority. We hire only those individuals who are dedicated to true client satisfaction, and those who do Whatever it takes to treat each client as the only one we have. We feel that the WOW should be placed in every single conversation. Delivering excellence does not come easy, it takes a strong and committed team.

We drive you to exceed your goals both in business and in your personal life. We push your customer service skills to new heights. You will have many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. We strongly believe in giving back to our community and being responsible to those in more need than us. If you are truly a “Whatever it takes.” individual, we want to hire you!