We have several new opportunities due to expansion.
Accounting Manager
CSR/Inside Sales Web Store Online Customers
Account Development

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Accounting Manager/Accounting Duties


We are a small family owned business looking for a strong accounting manager, to eventually move into a controller position.

This position is responsible for day to day accounting entries, managing budgets, and forecasting. We have one part time person to assist you. This is a very hands on position.

We require someone with strong accounting and computer skills. This position will handle two job functions. You will handle day to day accounting and assist with IT challenges. Although this is an accounting managers position, there is only one other part time person who assists She works part time evenings, 12 hours a week. This position is responsible to manage budgets and forecast as well as handle the day to day accounting functions. You must process a strong accounting background with a few years’ experience.

This position will be very involved in the operations of the company to manage profits. You will be very involved in learning and understanding computer systems to help us improve efficiencies. You will report directly to the two owners.

• Strong written and oral communications skills
• Experience with Policies and Procedures
• You must be seasoned in accounting
• Having a four year accounting degree with 2-3 years of work experience a must
• Comfortable with meeting and working with staff to help create an improved workplace with improved processes.
• Must have extraordinary experience with spreadsheets. You must excel in spreadsheets, budgets and forecasting.
• Knowledge of all Microsoft products, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint.
Whatever it takes. Attitude with a genuine service attitude to serve clients
• Any other projects or assignments that are assigned.

This is a small company of 15 people (sales, customer service, production of embroidery, printing and we have a 14,000 off site warehouse). This is a very hands on position with multiple duties and responsibilities. We want a winning attitude to come to the office to grow, change, and be proactive. There are plenty of very nice opportunities for the right person to be far more involved.


Hours: Full Time


Salary: Salary based on your experience, oral and written communication skills, as well as your computer knowledge. Please see our benefits package for full time employees. We do pay 100% medical coverage, including eye, dental and prescription.

For consideration email rick@lasting-image.com.



Online Web Store CSR & Inside Sales


If you enjoy emailing and talking to clients over the phone, this is a perfect position. We provide web stores to various customers where their sales staff and managers can order promotional products and apparel on line for their customers and themselves. Many times these orders are just easy process through the on-line portal. Other times it will involve a few questions from the customer (mostly an email question or phone call). Your role is to help answer the questions and research the products and apparel customers are looking for. Overall, you will be processing orders and ensuring proper delivery. You will also be managing the internal production of embroidery on the orders (we do the decoration of apparel on site).

Your job is to make them feel like the best customer we have. Our vision is to over exceed all requests. You will learn things you have not been taught, we do things differently and still believe in old fashioned service levels….Whatever it takes. There is a lot to learn in the promotional product industry that you will need to learn.

If you want to grow yourself even further in time, this could lead into more advanced positions within our company. If you are passionate about service, enjoy helping customers; want to push yourself into greatness, this is the opportunity for you.

This position requires you to…

• Have previous Customer Service experience.
• Must be friendly with a great phone voice.
• Detail oriented, “Accuracy is very important”.
• Must have strong computer skills.
• Must have excellent experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.
• Strong written and oral communication skills.
• Must be comfortable in a sales environment, although not aggressive, we are a sales organization and you are required to have solid follow up to calls made.
• The Customer runs our business. You must live our motto…Whatever it takes.

We do have a training program to help you start your new career. All you need is the passion and desire to want to push yourself into greatness and to take the time to learn our systems and products.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8-5, one hour for lunch.


Excellent health coverage, including eye, dental, and prescription fully paid for the employee. Paid time off, paid sick days and eight Holidays. Plenty of opportunity for growth long term.

Please send your resume and cover letter to rick@lasting-image.com.



Account Development


We are looking to fill one position within our organization to manage and grow a database of clients.

Are you a savvy sales consultant that drives your own success? Does your mind automatically think about solutions on how to fix challenges? We make money by selling a product; however, that is the last thing on our mind when we are with clients. Our first mission is to help clients meet their goals by understanding where they want to go through, fact finding, and ask probing questions. We then make recommendations for change to help solve those challenges they face (some of which are not always obvious). Are you a true professional sales person? Do you proactively find business or are you a reactive order taker?

This position is a key team member to Lasting Image that requires an individual with a strong work ethic – willing to do "whatever it takes" to succeed. If you are a great sales person, excellent at finding the need, have extraordinary follow up, follow through and closing skills, one that builds relationships through hard work; we will help you grow personally, professionally and financially.

Here is what we are looking for in an a player:

• 3-5 years of outside sales experience
• You must have extraordinary follow up and follow through skills
• Have a very responsive personality
• Must learn our supplier product lines, our systems, and core values
• Ability to proactively identify new markets, new sales opportunities, define customer needs, and maximize and grow the business
• Confidence and sound business decision making skills are key
• Must know basic computer programs (Microsoft Office)
• Power Point skills will be very helpful
• Must be aggressive, yet not annoying


Hours: Sales is not an eight hour day, it requires the time it takes to meet your targeted goals and meet your customer’s expectations in a responsive fashion. Very little travel is required.


Salary: We offer a salary, commissions and bonuses. We also offer 100% medical coverage including eye, dental and prescription. In addition you will receive eight paid holidays, paid time off, paid sick days.

Please send your resume and cover letter to rick@lasting-image.com.



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"I have only been at Lasting Image for a short period of time. I took the job because I was told I would be able to grow and push myself into new things…. and I certainly have. I have learned so many new things about customer service, way beyond the levels I was accustomed to at previous employers. Our customers are the reason we are here and it’s personally rewarding to make them feel like Royalty. It’s great being able to work with a team who all share the same core values and goals. Beyond that, I have already been offered a new position within the company which is going to open me up to a whole new world professionally."
Jennifer Fern, TAS
Client Satisfaction

"I have been with Lasting Image since 2002. Rick and Linda have pushed personal development since the day that I have walked in the door. We attend several educational events every year that have helped us and me stay ahead of the curve. I am a primary outside contact for our clients as Lasting Image. Many of my clients say that they enjoy working with me how easy I make it for them. I like to point out that I may be the person they meet with daily but there is a team that makes it easy for me and I’m passing that along to them."
Adrian Seaman, CAS
Senior Marketing Specialist

Message from the President

Rick MannWe are an aggressive firm that strives for success! We look for those individuals who drive themselves into greatness and look for ways to help us differentiate ourselves from others. We have high standards because our clients deserve that level of service and we feel we should over excel in every instance no matter how small the task is. Our client portfolio of world-class brands will always be our top priority. We hire only those individuals who are dedicated to true client satisfaction, and those who do Whatever it takes to treat each client as the only one we have. We feel that the WOW should be placed in every single conversation. Delivering excellence does not come easy, it takes a strong and committed team.

We drive you to exceed your goals both in business and in your personal life. We push your customer service skills to new heights. You will have many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. We strongly believe in giving back to our community and being responsible to those in more need than us. If you are truly a “Whatever it takes.” individual, we want to hire you!