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Creative Evolving Online Tool (CEO-Tool)

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Our Creative Evolving Online Tool offers a company the ability to handle all aspects of managing their corporate purchases.


As an executive, you're faced with some pretty tough decisions, but choosing the CEO-Tool to help your company cut costs and save time may be the easiest decision you make all day.



Custom Tailored Applications

CEO-tool is a valuable way to create custom-tailored external programs. These programs maintain and police your brand with guidelines that you monitor or post surveys to collect valuable market research and information. Many times, a survey can help to increase departmental efficiencies which can help to free up other internal resources. Other possible applications include, but are not limited to:


  • Cooperative Advertising
  • Distributor Incentives
  • Fundraising / Reporting


User Specific Applications

Custom log-ins allow end users the ability to view specific products and sections of the CEO-tool. This feature is perfect for subdivisions within your company and works great if you have multiple identities under one company.


For example, one user can view safety items while another user can view uniforms. You select the sections each user may view, based on their department or individual log-ins.



Customized Reporting

Our reporting capabilities include single invoice reports, rebate and budget tracking, and location non-compliance. One of the most powerful functions of the CEO-tool is the ability to create a robust and tailored report to fit your company's specific needs. This system is a blank spreadsheet that is created for you.



Utilize CEO-Tool to Achieve:


  • Reduced Costs
    We take pride in helping you identify ways to reduce spends, improve previously overlooked efficiencies and identify areas to improve costs in ways that may not be pinpointed without the system's help.
  • Departmental Efficiencies
    Our system will help orchestrate departmental costs, improve communication and offer promotions to help streamline corporate programs, all through one central online location.
  • Manage your Brand Identity
    The CEO-tool helps you police the use of your brand internally and externally through guidelines that you monitor. Our system ensures that brand integrity is never compromised and proper identities are always used in promotional programs.
  • Reporting each client has their own unique identity and needs.
    At Lasting Image, our goal is to help you identify areas that cost your company money and create efficiencies that will help find areas of profit and growth. This system is a blank sheet of paper that can be custom tailored to your company's situation. We will assist you in finding areas you may not always see, to help reduce costs and improve growth.


Offering Solutions For:

  • Service Recognition
  • Above & Beyond
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Safety Performance & Training
  • Company Stores
  • Cooperative Programs
  • Group Purchase
  • Uniforms and Budgets
  • Rebates for Improved Sales
  • Gifts
  • Events
  • Incentives